Friday, September 23, 2011

Plastic Dinosaurs of the '80s!

From deep within the archives of the Coleslaw Museum of Natural History, comes an exciting new exhibition showcasing a wide range of over 17 awful yet totally cool toy dinosaurs! These exquisite lifelike models, painstakingly collected during the 1980s and early '90s, are in no way physiologically or anatomically correct, but aren't they just awesome???

Roar! We're scary and we walk on two legs!

Roar! There are two of me! But which one am I???

Roar! I'm probably supposed to be some sort of duck-billed herbivore, but I'm still pretty scary!

Roar! I'm a scary T-rex!

See? It says so right on my belly! It also says I was made in China in 1978!
Chinese scientists discovered in the late '70s that T-rex had blue eyes and poorly painted teeth!
Roar! We're supposed to be scary dimetrodons!

Roar! I'm a yellow and brown dimetrodon!

Roar! I'm a white and blue dimetrodon!

Roar! I'm a yellow and red dimetrodon and my back thingy is kind of crooked, but that's ok because I still get laid more often than some of you!

I'm a dimetrodon too, but I'm nice, so I won't roar at you.

We are sauropods!

Roar! I'm a big scary sauropod!

I'm a sauropod too, but I'm not scary at all, and on my free time I enjoy playing Mahjong solitaire.

I'm a sauropod too, and OMG WHAT'S THAT THING BEHIND ME?!?!?!

Roar! Two of us are stegosaurs!

I am a kindhearted and mild mannered stegasaurus. Wherever I go, my friendly smile lights up the room! 

Roar! I'm a scary stegosaurus, and that previous guy is a fucking pussy!

Roar! I'm some sort of ankylosaurid, maybe?

And we're the guys nobody else likes. Sigh.

I'm some kind of bird. Yay.

Roar! I'm an awesome triceratops! Why aren't there any more of us here?! This sucks!

Uh.... I got nothing. If you know what I am, please let me know. It would be most appreciated.

And finally, a special exhibit: two glow in the dark skeletons!

Roar! We're both dead!

(Posted while mildly intoxicated. Kindly excuse any unusually stupid content, and bless you for reading.)

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