Friday, September 10, 2010

Pinny, the Uncircumcised Penis #1

Sponsored by the Israeli Association Against Foreskin
If you've got a foreskin, you're probably a dick!

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Why won't you leave my poor little Pinny alone?!


  1. Some dumb prick who does not seem to know how their own prick was supposed to work. God created man with a foreskin, it is there for a reason.
    As for UTI circumcised men seem to get them as well. The idiot who came up with this site claims to be Israeli. If they only knew the new testament they would soon realize that circumcision is no longer required after Christ made the ultimate sacrafice on the cross. The New testament mentions circumcision of the heart. If a gentile who is uncircumised but acts according to the law, is he not like the circumcised man.

    Being an uncircumcised man myself I'm very glad and proud to state that I cannot be mistaken for a Muslim. It the Israelies could only grasp that concept. My foreskin will proof that I'm not some misserable Arab terrorist.

  2. Dear pissed off Christian,

    Could you please explain how you got to this page? Because according to blogger statistics, most people get here by searching Google for pictures of uncircumcised penises, and I'm pretty sure Jebus didn't say anything in his teachings about beating off to pictures of big uncut schlongs all day.

    Have a nice day,

  3. Anonymous3/1/12 01:54

    I've been with three uncut guys and none of them smelled or were "slimy". Just very sensitive :) Don't know why you talk about cut like it's all great. What's nice about reduced sensitivity and a scar? Sex is better with an uncut man, even science says so. But judging by your blog, you probably don't believe in science and things like that.

  4. Hey Anonymous, you sound hot! We should totally get together and make out or something. It's pretty refreshing to meet a girl who is so passionate about penises.

  5. Anonymous5/1/12 13:39

    Dear Ben I happened onto your site after typing something in on a search engine in regards to foreskin problems.
    Yes I call my self a Christian and am the proud owner of a foreskin. Currently I have ongoing urological and neurological problems because of a neurogenic bladder. It was late and I could not sleep due to pain the same reason why I'm on tonight. Some stupid urologist made a statement in a urology forum about the foreskin being a source of infection. This has never been proven and I was hoping to come accross more information which might indicate that a man's foreskin is not to blame. Somehow I came to this place.
    Even though I myself have problems with infections, this is strictly due to the neurogenic bladder and not my foreskin. Because the neurogenic bladder does not function properly some urine remains inside the blader and causes problems. Because of that people like myself have to use self cathetrization to prevent infections. The introduction of the catheter into the bladder can also cause infections however not self cathing frequently provides a much higher rate of infection.

    In a response to this urologitst's nonsense remark I wanted to obtain information to backup my statement. The urologists who have provided care for me and there have been enough of them, never mentioned something as stupid as my foreskin being the cause of these infections.

    My wife and I also raised two boys, the oldest being our biological son the other our chosen adopted son. Even though my wife was raised in a culture where circumcision is comon, we decided to leave both sons intact with their God given foreskin. both boys now coming up on their 20th birthday have not even have experienced one problem with their foreskin at all.
    When I came accross your site I felt the need to respond because the issues are based on personal believes and attitudes with no medical facts. At least the stupid urologist in the forum came up with data even thought it is not accurate or true facts.
    I am fed up with the stupidity of some people in the US and Canada who still claim that there is a benefit from circumcision.

    As a last remark yes we christians enjoy a sexlife too. For me it is just with my wife when I was still able to engage in that activity. Now that I have a permanent catheter in and sexual intercourse of course is not possible. Yet there are other ways of being intimate with my wife. At times she has been my nurse and had to help me when I was using intermittant catheterization. At times I could noit keep my hands steady enough to perform the catheterization myself.
    My wife has been supportive of me through all that I have had to endure so far. I have no need or use for sex with anyone else or the use of pornography. To me seeying another nude person other than my wife and children when they were younger is something I much rather avoid.

    I feel that your site makes no sense at all and is rather stupid and uneducated. Yet it is your complete right to post what ever you want. I just voiced my opinion during a time where I was tired, in pain and totally frustrated about the stupid things that I had found by typing in foreskin problems or something of that nature. I do not completely remember what took me to your site, I used different search engines, one of them being dogpile. It nolonger is what it used to be. I was tired of getting to sites that bore no relavance to the subject.
    Now I have said my part and have given you an explanation. Tonight I happened to come back to your site after going through my search history. I thought that I had deleted the history to your site but now know that I did not. Rest assured that the history will be deleted immediately after this message to you.

    All the best to you,


  6. Hey Mike,

    I'm sorry to hear about your penis, I truly am, but in case you haven't noticed, this isn't a medical blog. This is where I post silly comic strips and pictures of attractive, scantly clad ladies, and since you obviously have no interest in those, I suggest you look for more relevant information elsewhere.

    Best of luck with your penis,

  7. Anonymous20/1/12 02:47

    Huh. I ended up here by googling "uncircumcised penis". How well you know me.
    I find that the real smelliness comes from the balls. Apparently some men don't know how to wash those. CASTRATION FOR ALL.

    1. Actually, castration isn't a bad idea. I've always noticed that the friendliest and healthiest street cats are the ones who got fixed by the city, and I see no reason why this shouldn't work just as well with humans.