Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Scarred - for Her Pleasure!

Tired of all your boring old dildos, the smooth ones, the ribbed ones, even the big veiny ones? Well, you should be, because those dildos are for fucking pussies! Introducing the Benny 4700: cast from the semi-erect, pathetic little member of a pathetic little manchild who has been abusing himself on a daily basis for over twenty years without using any form of lubrication, this painfully average sized dildo guarantees an unusually bumpy and thoroughly satisfying autoerotic experience for both women and men of all ages. Now available for a limited time only in cornflower blue, lime green and realistic blood red, only at the sleaziest of sex shops in the Tel-Aviv metropolitan area!

(Inspired by foolproof pick-up line #15)

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