Friday, September 10, 2010

Pinny, the Uncircumcised Penis #2

Sponsored by the Israeli Association Against Foreskin
Only total dicks have foreskins!

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Why won't you leave my poor little Pinny alone?!


  1. Why thank you, thank you very much. Know that the fact that you have a female-sounding name has made my personal circumcised pinny extremely happy.

  2. Anonymous3/1/12 01:52

    How ridiculous. I live in a country where NO ONE is circumcised, and thank God for that! Circumcision was introduced in the west as a cure for circumcision, and I understand that now, after being with a circumcised man. It's less sensitive :( Stop making fun of uncut. My bf doesn't have any contact with his parents BECAUSE they circumcised him as a kid. Don't be uneducated.

  3. Hey Anonymous, it sounds like your boyfriend really hates his penis. That's so sad! Unfortunately, I don't hate mine at all. Sorry.