Thursday, November 3, 2011

Time is Time! Get it?

I never cared much for Gattaca. The sci-fi in it was solid enough, but personally I found the movie cheesy, humorless and overly dramatic. Also, Uma Thurman has a big nose and I don't understand why she keeps getting work. This week I went to see In Time, Andrew Niccol's latest film, and I got pretty much the same deal, only with a whole bunch of lame time puns (you take a cliché about money, and you replace the word 'money' with the word 'time'. hilarious!) and Justin Timberlake instead of Ethan Hawke and Jude Law. As one would expect, Mr. Timberlake does an awful, awful job in it, and whoever told him he could act played a terrible, cruel joke on him. On the ass front we get Olivia Wilde, who is very pretty to look at, but, as anyone who's seen the trailer knows, doesn't last very long in the movie, and Amanda Seyfried in a bad wig, whom I didn't buy for a second as 'the hot chick'. Don't get me wrong, Ms. Seyfried is a very good looking young lady, but she's a tiny bit too weird looking to be movie-beautiful. I didn't suffer too much watching the movie, since between all those cheesy dialogs and tragically obvious social messages there are in fact more than a few interesting ideas, but as far as I'm concerned this is just yet another one of Mr. Niccol's failed attempts to get me to care, and once again, the failure is pretty miserable.

Yeah, I know, I was way cuter in Jennifer's Body

I also went to see Paranormal Activity 3 this week, and it was just a fucking nightmare. The movie itself was okay, as all the Paranormal Activity movies are based on the same simple shtick and are all pretty entertaining in their own way, but the combination of a couple who sat behind me and wouldn't shut the fuck up the entire time, a bunch of noisy kids outside and an usher who insisted that the doors of the theater should remain open at all time made it almost impossible for me to enjoy myself. The only reason I even went was because I don't think that that kind of movie can work for me at home, but now I'm not so sure anymore. If I had even a glimmer of hope for the species, I have lost it that evening.

Bonus love haiku:

Cute girl on the bus:
If you let me lick your nose
You'll get my balloon.

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