Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Needs More Booze

Yesterday I went to see The Dictator, and while it wasn't bad or anything (although it was much more like the Ali G movie than Borat or BrĂ¼no, which isn't a good thing), it did remind me why I almost never watch comedies sober anymore. I imagine that with the right amount of booze in my system I would've found it pretty hilarious, but since Yes Planet doesn't really offer any at the snack bar, it just didn't have any serious effect on me. And the moral of the story is: next time you feel a need to see a comedy at the movies, get yourself a nice flask (preferably one with a picture of a dinosaur on it) and fill it up with cheap arak. That is all.

Oh, and Anna Faris looks really cute with short dark hair and hairy pits

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