Monday, June 4, 2012

Last Night in the Deep South

or: Pretty Girls I Saw Last Night, Part VI

Last night I saw an Israeli-American co-production of Parade, and it was really great and everything despite the occasional technical hiccup, but yeah, it's time for another edition of Pretty Ladies IRL. As usual, no names will be named, since Google isn't too kind to creepy little creeps such as my stupid little self. Enjoy!

The complete package! A gorgeous face, lovely freckled skin, a great singing voice, and if you don't mind my creeping, very lickable-looking armpits!

This one isn't exactly the brightest pickle in the jar, to say the least. I think I've read somewhere that she's been getting sort of religious lately. Case and point. She's still sort of cute though, if you're into chicks who look like 8 year old girls with boobs.

My biggest problem with the production? Since it was the very first premiere show, the director has instructed the performers not to come out again after the ending, which kinda sucked. I totally dig it when pretty girls bow in front of me. Especially if they're wearing low-cut tops.

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