Sunday, November 14, 2010

Go tentacle monsters!!!

Today I went to see Skyline, and here is my complete and unabridged review of it: whenever there were alien spaceships and monsters on screen it was pretty cool. Whenever Scottie Thompson was on screen it was pretty hot. The rest of the time, it was pretty boring. I did enjoy the movie, but that's just because I really like scary aliens and hot chicks, as all the other aspects of it, like the story and the characters and the dialogs and the directing, were just plain laughable and painfully unoriginal. Wikipedia says there might be a sequel in the works. I guess I wouldn't mind watching it too. At least I'll get to see that one really pretty chick again. She sure looks nice with a big greasy tentacle monster slobbering all over her!

I definitely wouldn't mind making an honest woman out of Ms. Thompson,
if you know what I mean

More than anything Skyline made me want to watch District 9 again. Man, if District 9 had Scottie Thompson instead of some unmemorable South African actress playing the dude's wife it would've turned it into a near perfect film. Movies that are cool, hot, funny and interesting at the same time are so scarce these days. Oh well. I guess they can't all be The Fifth Element.

Bonus haiku:
Beauty marks are gross,
But Scottie Thompson is hot,
Hence my confusion.

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