Tuesday, November 2, 2010

37 is the new 40

Once a chick hits 37
She's hardly a chick anymore,
Because once a chick hits 37
She's a full grown woman,
And nobody wants to see a fully grown woman
Trying to be sexy on the screen.
This was recently scientifically proven
By taking a bunch of dudes
And attaching electrodes to their junk
And making them watch the complete box set
Of Friends.
Once Courteney Cox turned 37,
Between the 7th and 8th seasons,
The show started to go down hill,
And so did the dudes' schlongs,
Along with Mrs. Cox's boobs.
My point is,
Cougars are gross.
Unless they're real cougars.
You know, the kitty kind.
Those are really cute.

A 36 year old woman

So I've been watching Lost Girl, which is a new Canadian show about this sexy succubus who tries to find her parents while making out with werewolves and blonde doctor chicks. So far it's been very entertaining, it's fun and cheesy and funny and sleazy, but the thing I don't get about it is that the main character, succubus Bo, is supposed to be 28, while Anna Silk who plays her is going to turn 37 by the end of January 2011. I mean, don't get me wrong, Ms. Silk is one smoking hot little lady with a gorgeous face and killer boobs, but I don't really see how she'll be able to continue to play a luscious sex-crazed demoness in the second season. Casting her in that role was either a very courageous move or a very dumb one. On the other hand, when you look at how new TV shows are constantly being cancelled these days, there's a good chance that an awesome show like Lost Girl won't last for more than a single season. Sigh.

Also, look for those funny Nicoderm commercials on YouTube, in which Anna Silk plays a bitchy air waitress! I definitely wouldn't mind having her yell at me for the entire duration of an intercontinental flight.

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