Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Buy holy water: now with 30% less pee!

Yesterday I went to see Season of the Witch, and it was actually loads and loads of good, cheesy fun. Season of the Witch is a movie about two guys whose job used to be fighting in the name of that invisible bearded dude who lives on a cloud, but now they have to help transport an adorable little witchy witch who's apparently responsible for the Black Plague from point A to point B, for some reason. It's not the most intelligent film in the history of modern filmmaking, but it does have witches, demons, Black Plague zombies and scary demonic wolves, so really, how could I possibly not love it? It also has Nicolas Cage in a silly wig, the marvelously handsome Ron Perlman, Christopher Lee in some pretty awesome and very creepy makeup, the cheeky guy from Misfits and Claire Foy as the cute little witch who looks even cuter with no clothes on. So yeah, I really liked it, despite the lame PG-13 rating which prevented any chance of serious on-screen boobage. At least I got to see the wonderfully dreamy Ron Perlman with his beautiful, manly face completely free of any red makeup. Yum!

Chicks with back scars are totally hot!

This is the 200th post in this blog, and I am pleased to announce that Allergic to Coleslaw has recently been awarded the title of Best Blog in 2011 That Nobody Ever Ever Reads by Hairy Teen Asshole Magazine, online edition. Hooray!


  1. Ben, do you have a thing for Ron Perlman by any chance?

  2. I don't know if it's a full blown 'thing', Tom, but let's just say that if I had a vagina, he would be more than welcome inside it.