Thursday, January 13, 2011

Museums smell funny

I only have one question about the newly renovated Israel Museum in Jerusalem: how come they thought it was okay to display this elegant piece of art on the wall at the Dada exhibition hall,

Marcel Duchamp's Fountain

...but they couldn't bother to install even a single urinal in the men's room? It's just weird, because everybody knows that using a urinal is the most fun a person could possibly have while urinating indoors. In a completely unrelated matter, guess what I did at the museum! I'll give you a hint: it was brown and it didn't smell very nice. Also, in yet another completely unrelated matter, I think I may have recently contracted some sort of STD from a toilet seat. When bright green goo starts oozing out of your penis it's time to go see the peepee doctor, right?

Hans Bellmer's The Half-Doll

This alone was worth the price of admission

Hans Bellmer's The Top, aka BOOBIES!!!


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