Thursday, February 10, 2011

Let's go spelunking!

Today I went to see Sanctum, and it was pretty fun! See, I've always been terrified of caves, or any other type of dark and confining place. I've also been pretty terrified of being underwater. And as of the summer of 2009, I am completely, dreadfully terrified of Australian people. The thing is, I really like being scared at the movies, so being an Australian movie about a group of people who get trapped in a system of underwater caves, Sanctum totally did it for me. Sure, the story, the characters, the dialogs and the acting were all pretty awful, but all those caves sure looked pretty in 3D! A little bit of interesting gore, a couple of nicely placed F words here and there and an overall sense of tension and panic, and I was left pretty much satisfied. If only every movie was filmed with James Cameron's camera system I wouldn't have to scratch my eyes out almost every time I walk out of a 3D movie.

As it turns out, the hottest chick in the movie has a penis!

I find it absolutely hilarious that the name Sanctum rhymes with one of my favorite bodily orifices. I'm sure there's a dirty limerick in there somewhere, but I guess I'm just too damn lazy to explore the wide range of possibilities at the moment.

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