Monday, July 23, 2012

This is Not an In-depth Analysis of The Dark Knight Rises

This is just a photo of some big-tittied chick The Bat was dumb enough to risk his life for just because he got to bang her that one time. Silly Bat, hoots are for babies! (and for grown men who still think oversized mammary glands hold the key to their happiness.)

They are still rather spectacular, Marion Cotillard!

A slightly more detailed review follows in the form of haikus:

So how was the film?
Just as I had expected
Pretty darn awesome!

Christopher Nolan
You are a fine director
Why so serious?

Bane's not so scary
Couldn't see the bad guy's mouth
Stole Dragonheart's voice

Dear Anne Hathaway
You might want to eat something
You look malnourished

Were I into guys
I would bone Morgan Freeman
And Sir Michael Caine

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