Monday, May 23, 2011

Clash of the Papo Dinosaurs!

Today I got my new Papo T-rex in the mail! I first saw its kind at the natural history museum in Berlin two years ago and instantly fell in love with it, but I was just too damn cheap to get one for myself, so I got a little velociraptor instead, which is still really nice, but not nearly as impressive. And now I have both! While they both look great and are beautifully detailed, neither of them is scientifically correct, because their design is based on the Jurassic Park dinosaurs, but in my opinion that's even better than the real thing. When I first took the T-rex out of the box, which was pretty smooshed up, he seemed a little disoriented, and put up a bit of a fight.

But after a short while he came around, and started sniffing his new surroundings.

And within a couple of minutes he felt comfortable enough to pose and smile for the camera.

This is my two year old velociraptor.

He was pretty suspicious when he heard about this new addition to the family.

They didn't really get along at first.

But after a swift display of dominance, things became much clearer.

And the two quickly became the best of friends. Now they love to goof around together!

And they do have their tender moments.

But mostly they just love to make each other laugh!

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