Saturday, May 7, 2011

Blondes have more thun(der)

This week I went to see Thor, and I guess I could have been able to somewhat enjoy it, but unfortunately it is currently only playing in 3D in this part of the world, and so I was left with a cinematic experience that was even more frustrating than it was boring. I did kind of like the goofy parts of the movie that took place on Earth, especially in comparison to the ones that took place in the parallel dimension known in ancient Norse mythology as Greenscreenland and were just too cheesy to really enjoy, but yeah, fake 3D? It's still evil. I mean, the 3D conversion wasn't completely awful, and I'm pretty sure that at least some of the CGI was rendered in 3D and not just converted in post production, but the whole idea is still basically flawed, because in order to produce a convincing conversion to 3D of standard footage one would have to recreate it completely in CG, which would never make any sort of sense. Using current technologies, 3D conversions simply cannot deal with scenes that include visuals such as reflections, transparencies, individual hairs, rain drops, snow flakes, dust particles and smoke clouds, which are all present in abundance in Thor, and the end result will always look unnatural and distorted. My guess is that in 2D, Thor would have been just another generic Marvel movie in an endless sea of generic Marvel movies that are still kind of fun to watch on a big screen, but having to see it in 3D just made me depressed, so much so that I now will have to seriously consider not going to the Captain America and Green Lantern movies this summer. Oh well. At least Kat Dennings was still totally adorable. I'd definitely go see Thor 3: Kat Dennings' Revenge for Not Getting Enough Screen Time come 2016, even if they'll only have it in 3D here, which they probably will.

Kat Dennings demands that you to look up her leaked naked
pictures online and do the happy peepee dance to them!

In other news: during my last Booze Night I've found out that Alison Brie is Jewish, so yeah, guess who is now officially in love again. Sigh.

I want to have lots of gawd-fearing children by Alison Brie

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