Sunday, April 15, 2012

What's Tiny and Russian and Totally Awesome?

Last night I went to see Zola Jesus perform live in Tel-Aviv and it was just totally great, if a little on the short side. The music, her voice, the scary guy banging the drums, everything was just dead on, but the best thing about the show was when during one of her songs Ms. Danilova left the stage to walk between the huddled masses, where at one point she kinda rubbed up against me, or possibly she was just trying to push me back to get past me. Whatever it was, last night she totally earned her place in the top 5 sexual experiences of my life, pushing that one time I almost made out with Ellen Page in a dream to sixth place. Congratulations.


(Photo courtesy of some guy who was there and took it with his fancy camera and put his watermark on the lower right corner. It's way too hot today to take it out, so there it is)

Bonus haiku:

Neighbor having sex
Your girlfriend is really loud
Just finish her off

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