Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wikipedia is a Treacherous, Two-Headed Bitch

The last time I looked up Wrath of the Titan on Wikipedia, which was about a couple of months ago, it said that unlike its predecessor, the new movie was shot in native 3D. Yesterday I went to see it, and from the first few frames of footage it became painfully clear that I had just wasted perfectly good money on yet another 3D converted mess. Sure, 3D conversions aren't the eyesores they used to be two years ago, and the CGI in the movie, of which there's quite a bit, was clearly rendered in 3D, but had I known about it beforehand, there's no way I'd have entered the theater willingly. How was the movie then? Well, these movies don't really have much to offer other than big scary monsters, and I guess those weren't all that bad, and there was also this one scene in some sort of maze that was really cool, but I still wish I were smart enough to avoid it altogether. And the moral of the story is: when in doubt, always check Wikipedia right before going to the movies.

And since I didn't find any of the actresses in Wrath of the Titans to be particularly fap-worthy, here is a photo of the luscious Sarah Jones, who looked so pretty on Alcatraz that I barely even noticed her mediocre acting skills!

And what's with those oversized boobs anyway? I'm so tired of getting a semi-chubby every time she runs after someone

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