Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dear David Cronenberg,

This week I saw your latest film, Cosmopolis, and it was okay I guess. It wasn't completely boring, but not particularly interesting either. I also saw Prometheus today for the second time, and so I've arrived at this single conclusion: you should really think about going back to making movies about exploding heads, amphibian game consoles, stomach VHS vaginas, man-eating slugs, human flies and drug peddling lizard mutants, because if I wanted to see Robert Pattinson doing his impression of Kristen Stewart for an hour and a half, I would just, well, I'd probably kill myself for wanting to see that. So, you know. If Ridley Scott can go back to his slimy roots, so can you.

With kind regards,

And oh yeah, Charlize Theron looks even hotter in Prometheus the second time around. The rumors online say that in the director's cut blu-ray her ass will get a much bigger role. Good for her!

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