Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Most Solemn Fap of All

Would you buy this vintage denim overall, previously owned by an elderly person (and possible Holocaust survivor) in need and recently worn by international fashion model Adi Neumann? I sure would, if only for the privilege of smelling the faint scent of her skin on the fabric during every single morning fap session for as long as I shall live. Unfortunately, this particular item has already been sold (to some extremely lucky perv, I'm sure), but there are still many others at the Roots website, all pre-owned by nice old people who need your spending money much more than you do. Happy International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

If Ms. Neumann really wants to help the needy she should just start selling her used, unwashed panties online, because there are still a lot more creepy panty sniffers out there than hipsters who enjoy dressing up like their grandparents.

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