Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's scary how clean the pool is!

Today I went to see Paranormal Activity 2, and I suppose I had a reasonably good time. It's pretty much like the first one, only with a lovely Sprague Grayden and an adorable German Shepherd. And a cute little teenage girl. And a whiny little baby too, I guess. Most of it is just more of the same stuff from its predecessor, with long boring parts, a few good scares here and there and a fun, creepy ending. If I didn't like seeing horror films at the movies so much I'd probably just wait a couple of months and watch it at home with some cheap booze instead of in a theater crawling with horny, Hanukkah vacation-crazed teenagers.

Ms. Grayden may not look as hot as she did on SFU, but she's still pretty darn cute!

However, the coolest thing about Paranormal Activity 2 is easily the yellow ladybug-shaped pool cleaner robot thingy they have in their pool. It looks so fun and awesome! When I grow up I'm totally getting one for myself. Right after I get a pool. And a home of my own. And the ability to take my shirt off in front of others.


Finally, here's a bonus haiku that has absolutely nothing to do with this post:

Exhaust pipes are hot
Both in the temperature way
And the sexy one

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