Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Uncomfortably good looking

Last night I went to see Rango, and to my great surprise it was so awesome that I think it may have restored my faith in American animation! This tale of a thespian-wannabe chameleon turned small town sheriff may not be a perfect one, as it does contain numerous cheese-filled moments that feel like they belong in a freakin' Pixar movie, but it has more than enough cool and weird stuff that looks like it was written and animated under the influence of Mexican magic sawdust to make it into something that is truly special in this age of 3D eyeball grinders and poorly animated talking automobiles. I'd also like to tip my douchy Purim hat to the talented men and women at ILM, who showed us all that when they're not too busy making crap for chubby bearded dudes in plaid flannel shirts they can actually produce full length animated motion pictures with a level of CGI that's far superior to the stuff you'd see in most recent live action features. The biggest problem I could find with Rango was that being a movie that mostly features animated reptiles, rodents, birds and amphibians, it has absolutely no pretty ladies to look at whatsoever (the handful of human characters are mostly male, and the only Barbie doll is decapitated, though I'm not quite sure if that's a plus or a minus). To make up for that, here is a picture of Isla Fisher (whose character is the only one in the movie that's designed in such a boring way it makes her look like a Bug's Life reject) in a red bikini:

Hey there Little Miss Fire Crotch, wanna go down under?
Man, I still can't believe that a smoking hot piece of ass like that would actually go and change her religion just so that Borat could stick it to her on a regular basis and not upset his mommy.

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