Monday, March 28, 2011

Stupid Google

I've just noticed the following post on Lorena B's Facebook wall:


They didn't include a link to my original post, and for obvious reasons they cropped out the headline and the second paragraph, but I still feel pretty creeped out right now. It's one thing to write disgusting stuff about a young lady's labia anonymously, knowing no one would ever read it except the friendly inhabitants of a certain BC residence, but when that said young lady actually comes across your filthy, slimy stream of consciousness, and then posts it on her own wall and writes about how embarrassing she found it (including a full link, a smiley face, 44 likes and 24 comments), well, that is just a whole other matter. Does this mean it's time for a serious change for me? Could it mean that I'm going to have to abandon my mischievous ways, and that from now on this blog will never be the same again, at least in terms of the frequent, repulsive objectification of attractive young women I've come to enjoy so much over the years?

Eh, fuck it. I'll just keep pretending that nobody ever reads this stuff and have fun with it.

And I was totally going to go see them live again next month, but now there's just no way. And I was really looking forward to it too. Stupid Google. Stupid fucking Facebook. And stupid, STUPID fucking me.

Update: apparently it wasn't Google that gave me up, is was stupid YouTube. Fuck you, YouTube. Fuck you up your stupid, lumpy ass.

See also: how I screwed myself, and Lorena B live, January 2012.

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