Thursday, October 28, 2010


Sometimes I think that the quickest solution to all my problems is the right kind of motivation. Like, all I really need is someone who would say stuff to me like "if you lose 7kg by January I'll let you touch one of my boobs over my clothes", or "if you get a real job by the end of next month I'll let you give a quick kiss to any part of my body that isn't in my bikini areas", or even something simple like "if you get a normal haircut within the next three hours I'll let you watch me eat a banana". I'm pretty sure something like that could be the answer to pretty much everything that is wrong with my life right now. So if you're interested in helping me out and you don't have a penis, you know where to find me. Most days that's usually either in front the TV or in front of the computer. Yeah, I know, it's pretty sweet. Sigh.

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