Sunday, October 31, 2010

Plastic Love

Remember how adorable Anna Faris used to be?
But then she turned blonde,
And got these ridiculous fake boobs,
And those ridiculous fake lips,
And probably several other facial augmentations,
So now she looks more like a blow up doll than a person,
But that's okay,
Because plastic women deserve to be loved too,
They just have to settle for the sort of dudes
Who have to settle for the sort of chicks
Who were manufactured in a factory
In China.
And to be perfectly honest,
I've seen more than a couple of mannequins over the years
That I definitely wouldn't mind spending a night with,
So I can totally see the allure of plastic lady parts.
A tender night with a mannequin.
So I guess what I'm trying to say is,
The better I get to know real women,
The more I like the idea of having a relationship
With a plastic doll.
Because plastic women don't lie,
And plastic women don't cheat,
And plastic women don't judge,
Because plastic love is virtually forever,
Because plastic takes like a million years to decompose,
And the stupid environment can just suck my balls.

I definitely wouldn't mind eating some melons with the old Anna Faris

So yeah, I watched a special Halloween double feature today, and the movie that wasn't The Nightmare Before Christmas was May, directed by Lucky McKee and starring the lovely Angela Bettis and the unbelievably sexy 2002 version of Anna Faris. Nightmare and May are two of my all time favorite films, and so good time was had by everyone present. I really like the movies that I like.

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