Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How to make sure your tie doesn't get into your hummus

Well, that's easy. You just get yourself a nice tie clip (or a tie bar, or a tie pin, or a tie chain). And if you're a weird little geek, you get one with a Cybus logo or a little face of a crazy space alien from outer space, and clip it onto your dragon tie!

I am

a big



In other news: I don't like Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. I don't think they're funny, I don't think they're very pleasant to watch, and I just find them generally annoying. But I did like Paul, which I watched yesterday. A lot. And not only did they star in it, they also wrote it. What does it mean? Probably that I just really like R-rated movies that feature funny looking aliens that sound like Seth Rogen and a whole lot of sci-fi references. And so, today I felt compelled to watch Close Encounters of the Third Kind again, and here is my review of the aliens in it: the first one, the big one that looks like a puppet on a string, is just plain awful. The little ones that look like little kids in alien costumes look pretty good, mostly because of the way they're lit from behind, but there were one or two shots when their faces were seen more clearly, and those were pretty bad too. But the final alien, the one that smiles and does that hand thing, that one was totally awesome, and has successfully made up for the general crappiness of its predecessors. Man, I wish I were a spooky space alien. Always have. And I already know exactly who I would use that anal probe on first, and it's definitely NOT Marla Sokoloff. Honest!

Okay, fine, it is her.

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