Sunday, June 5, 2011

Broken down dinosaurs in Berlin!

Today I went to see Hanna, and I guess it was okay, even if it wasn't nearly as cool as I thought it would be. Also, Olivia Williams, who has a rather pointless role in it, is starting to look kinda old, which is really sad. And I really don't get why Eric Bana keeps getting work, because he has like zero charisma. Oh well. At least the music was pretty cool, thanks to the Chemical Brothers. The greatest thing about the whole movie was the part that was shot in an abandoned theme park in Berlin. According to some dude named Joe who wrote something on the internet, the park was opened in the late '60s under the name Kulturpark Plänterwald and was closed down in 2002, and wikipedia says that a couple of years later the former owner of the park was sentenced to seven years in jail for attempting to smuggle 180kg of cocaine from Peru to Germany in the flying carpet ride! And if that wasn't awesome enough, the park had dinosaurs! Big ones! Dinosaurs that are now mostly broken down and just lying around on the ground! Next time I'm in Berlin I really need to check it out, because it truly looks like the happiest place on earth, especially if you really like creepy old theme parks.

Sadly, there will be no boobs today,

because Saoirse Ronan is 17,

and Cate Blanchett is just meh,

but these dinosaurs are still pretty cool,

aren't they?

And look! A dragon thingy!

In other news: for some reason I literally got all teared up during the last few seconds of last night's episode of Doctor Who. What do you think it could mean?

a. I'm a hopeless sci-fi dork.
b. I'm hours away from a complete mental breakdown.
c. I'm a fucking pussy.
d. it was a really moving scene, shut up!

I think I'm gonna go with 'all of the above'.

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