Thursday, August 25, 2011

How to make your very own MasterImage 2D glasses!

A few months ago the Yes Planet megaplex in Ramat Gan switched from using the Dolby 3D projection system, which utilizes reusable dichroic filtered 3D glasses, to using the lesser known MasterImage 3D system, which utilizes disposable circular polarized 3D glasses. These glasses, which are made of hard plastic, are supposed to be collected after each screening and recycled, are obviously NOT being recycled is this part of the world. There's no one at the theater to take them off your hands, and I guess you're just supposed to dump them in the nearest trash can on your way out of the complex, which is basically an environmental disaster, but it does pose an interesting opportunity for those who, like me, despise watching movies that were converted to 3D in post production. First, you'll need to collect two pairs of MasterImage 3D glasses:

Next, you'll have to take them apart. Just pull on each temple arm, and they come apart pretty easily.

In order to turn them into 2D glasses, you'll need to replace the left lens of one pair with the right lens of the other pair. Watch out: polarized lenses are one sided, which means you can't flip them over. Always keep the outer side of the lens on the outside.

Due to the shape of the lenses, you'll need to trim the edge of each lens you're replacing.

Once you're done cutting, place the lens into the other pair.

Now do the same with the other pair.

Snap the pieces back together, and there you go! Two perfectly usable pairs of 2D glasses, one displaying the images meant for the right eye, and the other displaying the images meant for the left eye!

Now, if only I'd figured this out before I went to see the new Conan movie, in which the fake 3D was a fucking joke and an atrocity on a scale I haven't seen since the Clash of the Titans remake, maybe I could have truly enjoyed Rose McGowan's awesome loveliness and Rachel Nichols' spectacular boobies.

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