Sunday, January 1, 2012

Haiku of the Day: Happy New Divorce Year Katy Perry!

I really hope they signed a prenup, otherwise Mr. Brand will probably get to keep one

Dear Katy Perry
May I have coitus with you
Now that you're single?

Did you know that all members of the Coleslaw tribe have a genetic disorder that turns their splooge bright green?

Also, now that we know your type:

I'm unattractive
People don't think I'm funny
Why not marry me?

And I couldn't agree with you more:

My sweet Katy P.
Babies sure are disgusting
I'm fine with condoms.

Unless you change your mind:

If you get knocked up
I'd still love your round body
Just watch what you eat.

At the very least,

If I can't have you,
Will you please pose nude online?
Full frontal will do.

Because, you know,

Most women have boobs
Some have spectacular ones
Like Katy Perry!

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