Sunday, October 16, 2011


Four Movies in Eight Days, Part IV: Finally, last Tuesday I went to see Attack the Block, and it was actually very entertaining! Good alien invasion stories are always fun to watch, and even though the monsters-alien-thingies had a low budget sort of look (they were basically dudes in big hairy suits with only minimal digital enhancements), they still looked pretty damn cool. There wasn't a huge amount of gore, but what I did get was pretty fantastic, and it's going to take me quite a while to forget the image of this tough looking drug lord getting his face torn off by a bunch of crazy ass space gorillas with huge glow-in-the-dark teeth. Also, this movie if one of very few films that made me glad that they put subtitles on movies here, because some of those kids' accents were just plain indecipherable. Attack the Block is a very fun little movie, but the main thing I took from it was this: any male who is heartless enough to mug someone as adorable as Jodie Whittaker at knifepoint is pure fucking evil and deserves to burn in doggy hell for all eternity along with anyone else who was ever cruel to something cute and small.

I want Jodie Whittaker to stitch up all my genital wounds

In other news: Sukot is the Jewish holiday on which dorky Jews from all over the land come together and hang around the Tel-Aviv cinematheque for seven days filled with geeky movies, geeky books, various types of roleplay (the geeky kinds, not the ones that end with intercourse) and many other dorky activities. Today I visited both Icon festivals (not to watch anything, just to look around), and as predicted, they both made me feel extremely uncomfortable. I did however get to talk to this totally cute redhead (and by 'talk' I mean motion yes and no with my head) who tried to get me to join some sort of club for people who like reading science fiction but can't or won't read English. For obvious reasons I had to respectfully declined the offer (using the art form of mumbling), but the good news is that I now have plenty of new fapping material that should keep me occupied for at least a couple of weeks. I am indeed the very essence of smooth.

Bonus love haiku:

Weird girl on the bus
I'm sorry for the staring
I just want your vag.

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