Saturday, October 22, 2011

The only kind of butcher shop that makes any sense

This week I saw Eatliz play live at the Uptown Music festival in Bat-Yam, and I was so blown away by their sheer awesomeness (I've seen them before, but it was a pretty short performance) that the first thing I did when I got home was to order a ticket for their show on the following evening with Consider the Source. CTS turned out to be pretty great, but once again it was the music of Eatliz that blew my stupid little brain into a million happy little pieces. If I knew anything about music I might have been able to describe it in detail and explain why I absolutely love it, but sadly all I can articulate at this point is that Lee Triffon, their lead singer, is absolutely fucking gorgeous, in addition to being an unnaturally gifted vocalist. For their show at the Barby she wore this partially see-through leotard sort of outfit that did a really nice job at showing the curve of her spectacular rear end, her pointy pointy nipples and the classiest camel toe I have ever had the pleasure to witness this side of the Mediterranean. It's a good thing I've prepared myself for the show by engaging in a brief session of furious fapping to the following photo of her, because otherwise things could have gotten a tiny bit weird.

Lee Triffon and her favorite phallic-shaped object

I've enjoyed the shows so much that the following day I actually ordered a couple of their CDs online. You know, those round shiny thingies that sit sealed in their boxes on your shelf and collect dust while you're listening to your MP3 player. I can't really imagine what I'm actually going to do with them, but hopefully they should alleviate at least some of my guilt for seeing Eatliz twice in the same week for only 60 shekels.

Bonus TMI haiku:

Fapped furiously
Before seeing Lee Triffon
My peepee still hurts.

Update: and how about another one!

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