Saturday, April 9, 2011

Farewell, Cuddles

A couple of days ago I went to see The Roommate, in which the lovely Leighton Meester plays a deeply disturbed and thoroughly creepy young lady who will do anything to have one single friend, so really, how could I possibly not love it? I mean, sure, maybe they went a tiny bit overboard with how a certain little kitty cat finds her unfortunate, untimely demise, but I thought Ms. Meester did a fantastic job here and I totally bought her portrayal of an adorable yet seriously chemically imbalanced chick who dabbles in threats, extortion, naval mutilation, stabbing, arson and girl-on-girl action in the name of true friendship. Now, I have absolutely no idea how a non-creepy person would feel about a character like that, but I have to admit that I totally and wholeheartedly got her. What's so bad about wanting to virtually own another person, physically and emotionally, and then going apeshit whenever somebody else looks funny at them? I know that if I had access to Leighton Meester, I would probably lose myself in the situation in a similar way, which in my case might mean keeping her tied up naked to a metal chair in a dark basement for 20 years. A seatless metal chair.You know. For pooping. And maybe some other stuff too. Yeah. I guess my point is, Leighton Meester totally makes out with this other chick in The Roommate, so it's an easy 10/10. Highly recommended. Especially if you have a penis.

Oh Leighton, why can't I find your sex tape anywhere?

In other news, a couple of Booze Nights ago I watched Morning Glory, and I guess it was sort of okay for a Booze Night, if a little on the yawn-ish side, but the best thing about it was Rachel McAdams' ass. I was never a huge fan of hers, but, damn. Fantastic ass. Easily one of the top ten Canadian asses on my list. Good for her.

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