Monday, April 11, 2011

This is definitely NOT Halloween

Passover is the Jewish holiday when normal people throw out all their old junk in order to make room for all the new junk they'll be collecting during the next twelve months, and when Lumpensammlers such as myself collect that said junk into their own homes, providing it's cool enough. And look at what was waiting just for me on the sidewalk last week!

A perfectly nice Nightmare Before Christmas wallet!

Sure, it was kinda filthy when I found it, but after a good scrub it is now practically good as new. Also, after I've noticed that it's too long to fit in my back pocket, it was pointed out to me that it's actually a woman's wallet. I still like it though. So, if you're a Russian emo girl who thinks TNBC is cool even though you've never actually watched it and you live around Hertzog street and would like to have your wallet back, well, then, tough luck, because it's all mine now!

I also have little Jacks on my key ring!

Bonus haiku:

Young girl at the mall,
You have more hairs on your lip
Than I on my head.

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