Friday, October 23, 2009

Just suppose

OK, suppose, just suppose, that there's this actor you really really like. I mean, really like. And suppose you like him so much, that you want to see more movies or TV shows that he's been in. The problem is, you have no idea how to find that kind of stuff. See, you don't even know his name, or anything about him for that matter. You just know what he looks like, and that he's awesome, and that you'd like to see more of him. Suppose you've only seen him once or twice, under such conditions that there's nothing that be used to reveal any more details about him, and that it happened years ago. But oh no, you haven't forgotten about him, not even a little, not even a decade later. Every once in a while you still reflect on those memories of him from long ago, and smile to yourself. One day I shall see him again, you tell yourself, holding onto a couple of old photos of him you've managed to keep around all this time, photos that are completely untraceable. Years go by, and still there's no sign of him. Suppose you very nearly lose all hope, until one day, while flipping through the channels on your TV, you come across a scene in a movie or a TV show in which this lost actor is playing alongside another actor, one that you also know and like, and this being late 2009, you use your moderately efficient googling skills and finally find out what his name is, how old he is, and pretty much anything else you've been dying to find out since like forever! Now you can watch pretty much anything he's ever been on, enjoying his entertaining style of acting, his fascinating facial expressions and pleasant speaking voice as long as you shall live! And you don't even mind that weird little mole on his butt! It's not like you get to see much of it anyway, it's only visible when he's bending over or lifting his legs up so you could see his full anus and VJ, and there's so much more of him to like than just that, way more! Oh, happy days are finally here again!

Now, suppose all that happened to you, sort of, with just a few minor changes. Wouldn't that be so friggin' cool you could just explode???

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