Saturday, October 3, 2009


The new season of Fringe started a couple of weeks ago, but I've just finished watching the first one this week. It's taken me forever to watch it all. When I started watching it the first season wasn't even over in the states, but then in June I went for a visit abroad, which sort of broke my viewing rhythm, and then in July abroad came to visit me here (pun intended), and that made it even worse. Still, Fringe is a pretty awesome show. I'm a total sucker for J.J. Abrams stuff (Lost is coming back early 2010! I can't wait!). Filler episodes aside, I love almost everything about the show, starting with the location titles, which give it a very distinct look. Anna Torv, playing special agent Olivia Dunham, may be Australian as well as blonde, and I wouldn't say she's the best actress in the world, but she gives out such a naturally hot vibe that it's not even funny. She's extremely attractive, and in a very interesting, not obvious way, looking like the type of chick you may even enjoy having a conversation with, which is pretty damn rare these days. And it sure doesn't hurt that the top buttons of her blouse are always undone! That always makes me wonder what her skin smells like. And I totally dig her fake American accent. I don't ever want to hear her speak in her normal accent, as that would totally ruin the illusion for me. I've read somewhere that she was ranked pretty high in a "hottest geeks" list in some magazine or something. If Anna Torv is a geek, then I'm a hot Maxim chick. I sure got the boobs for it. John Noble is also Australian, but he gives such an incredible performance as Dr. Walter Bishop that it's easily forgotten. It's a fantastic character and I absolutely buy it. I want Dr. Bishop to be my new best friend! Blair Brown, who plays Nina Sharp, used to be so hot when she was younger, and is still a very handsome woman in her 60s. She's got some pretty awesome nude scenes in Altered States (1980), if you're into that sort of thing. Even Pacey does an OK job as the good doctor's son, and isn't too annoying. And William Bell is actually Leonard Nimoy! I used to have such a gigantic man-crush on Spock. Vulcans are totally hot, even the ones who are mixed with some filthy human blood. The show has a very cool look to it, and the special effects are mostly really good, with the practical effects looking better than the CGI work, as is usually the case.

Anna Torv, not grilling crustaceans

Being a J.J Abrams-produced show means that you get a lot of weird stuff and a lot of questions without too many answers, and that's kind of the way I like it. The way I see it, as awesome as the first season has been, on a larger scale it's merely a year-long exposition piece to the rest of the show. I'm starting to watch season 2 tonight! Yay!

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