Thursday, October 1, 2009

You may have your faults, but at least you've got pants on

Today I finished watching the second season of True Blood. I love True Blood. It's delicious, nourishing and no one has to die to make it. The show is really good too. You just can't not like a show with that much sex, blood and Anna Paquin nudity. Six Feet Under, Alan Ball's last TV show, was just OK. I guess I sort of enjoyed parts of it, and I do own a couple of seasons on DVD, but mostly it was just a really depressing relationship drama, the kind I usually find rather pointless. Before True Blood aired Mr. Ball has claimed that he has never watched an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which means that he's either a liar or a man of very poor taste, and that wasn't a very good sign. As it turned out, True Blood is actually an extremely fun show, with the kind of bloody, sleazy, pleasurable style that couldn't be further from that of SFU. I really like movies and TV shows that take place in an alternate reality to out own, and the world of True Blood is a very cool one, with vampires and all sorts of supernatural beings roaming the streets, consuming synthetic plasma substitutes and not hiding in the shadows. At least not all the time. And the fact that the lovely Anna Paquin seems to be flaunting her unnaturally perky boobs whenever possible doesn't hurt the show one bit. The romantic scenes are pretty much lost on me, but most of it is very good stuff. While the first season revolved around a cool little whodunit, season 2 is where all the really crazy shit really starts to happen, with Suki dealing with the kidnapping of some ├╝bervamp by an anti-vampire church and an evil goddess turning Bon Temps into a nuthouse for the hornily insane. It's quite possible that most of the season's budget went into black contact lenses. It was pretty hilarious to see that pretty little chick who used to let Marilyn Manson stick it to her on a semi-weekly basis playing a lusty vampire queen, a role I'm guessing wasn't too much of a stretch for her. The last episode ended with a cliffhanger, just like the first season did, but at this point I don't really mind it anymore. I think Season 3 should be worth the wait.

To hide her grey streak, Rogue decided to dye her hair blonde

Now that I've finished watching the first two season of True Blood, it's time to start reading the Southern Vampire book series on which the show is based. I've already ordered the first two books from a UK-based store like a month ago, but haven't received them yet. Limey bastards.

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