Sunday, July 3, 2011

Hooray! A brand new music crush!

Last Thursday I went to the Indie City music marathon (14 indie bands in 5 hours playing back to back on two stages), which was part of the yearly White Night in Tel-Aviv. The main reason why I went was a band called Jack in the Box, which as you can clearly tell by the following video are 37 different kinds of awesome:

Their music is super-mega-crazy-über cool, their lyrics are the kind that's interesting and deliciously weird and just plain good (and in Hebrew, no less!), and best of all, their adorable singer has that specific brand of dorky sex appeal that I like so much. Like, just the way she put her hands to her ears when the music on the stage got too loud was literally the cutest thing I've ever seen in my entire life. So yeah, I've had a pretty bad experience with that sort of thing, so I won't go into all the disgusting, filthy acts I'd like to perform upon her person, but I will say this: I definitely wouldn't mind spending the rest of my life with her and stuff. Man, if I ever find out that she doesn't feed on the flesh of the dead I am going to drop dead on the spot with big fat stupid smile of my big fat stupid face.

I love you Yael Birenbaum, let's make out!

In related news: I've read many times that Eatliz were good live, but I had no idea!

Their performance at Indie City was nothing short of spectacular, and their rendition of Björk's Army of Me was pure musical bliss. Unfortunately, their singer is just too damn cool for me to develop a serious crush on, so I'll just stick with the lovely and talented Ms. Birenbaum. Thank you Channel 8 for a great evening, and thank you Mr. Invisible Grandpa Who Lives on a Cloud for coming up with the initial concept of smoking hot music chicks!

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