Thursday, September 10, 2009

Arrrrr, it's driving me nuts!

Even on days when I'm being too lazy to even watch whatever it is I currently like to watch, I almost never miss an episode of Robot Chicken. It may not be the funniest show on TV, but it's easily the most fun. One of the things I like so much about it is how it looks completely home made, as if with a little patience and a lot of action figures anyone could do it in their own home, regardless of budget or artistic talent. I mean, I guess you'd have to mutilate a bunch of figures, to make them fully poseable. And you'd have to build little sets. And make little props and clothes. And sculpt little heads for other characters, like celebs and stuff. And you'd have to learn how to do the lip syncing thing, which can be a real pain. And set up proper lighting for the sets. And a tripod. You're going to need a tripod. That's kind of important when you're dealing with stop motion animation. I had a brief stop-mo phase over a year ago, but it didn't really go anywhere, the pinnacle of my achievements being this:

Oh, and if you really want to create good Robot Chicken-esque skits, it wouldn't hurt to be funny. That part is sort of tricky for most people.

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