Sunday, September 27, 2009

You know what's the best thing about Sodom?

Today I watched Year One, and it was the first time I've ever watched a movie at home in 720p (I don't currently have the equipment to play anything higher than that). It was pretty good for what it is, meaning one of the many Apatow-type comedies that seem to come out all the time these days. Jack Black does his usual schtick (man, that guy must get TONS of ass. I mean, for a chubby little dude) and Michael Cera is as hilarious as ever, even though he too plays the same basic character he always does. I very much enjoyed the many biblical references, especially the dick-chopping Abraham. Poor little Hebrew peepees. Like most Apatow-type movies there's very little depth to Year One (poop eating, anyone?) but it's the absolute perfect thing for a relaxed booze night at home. It was supposed to come out to theaters here in Israel a few months ago (I even saw a couple of posters in Hebrew here and there), but for some reason they decided not to show it here after all. Film distributors here are dumb. Or maybe it's the local audience. The most successful movies in Israeli theaters are kids movies and romantic comedies. Barf. With HD movie sharing and how most theaters in the cities are only getting worse and worse, it's no wonder that they're losing money. Downloading files in standard definition was no match for going to the movies, but today, if I can either go to see a movie in a crappy theater with a tiny screen and an out-of-focus projector and noisy people and ushers who don't know how to do their job, or wait a month or two until the Bluray comes out so it's available for download, then I'm probably going to stay home. Being a long time DVD collector I was never that big a fan of movie downloads, but I can't really blame anyone for doing it. And file sharing isn't piracy, as long as no one's making any money from it. After all, the internet was created in order to let people share information. Digital information. And because any sort of recorded media can be reformatted into easily transferable digital data, the only was to stop people from sharing copyrighted material (or any other certain kinds of information) is to shut down the whole internet, or cripple it in a way that's just as bad as shutting it down. And that's just evil. China-evil. Iran-evil. North Korea-evil. And nobody wants that, right? Right??

Sexiest man alive

This evening Yom-Kippur starts, so if any of you feel like I've hurt you in some way this year, all I can say is fuck you too, I never liked you anyway!

And the answer to the question in the title: why, it's the sodomy, of course.

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