Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Little girls are icky

I was taking a walk today by the promenade, when I spotted Angelina from Mehubarot sitting at this sushi place with a friend (i.e. I got to see a 17 year old side character from an Israeli cable daily docudrama in the flesh). Very exciting stuff, in a way that totally isn't. It's not even that surprising, as she does live in a nearby town, one that doesn't have a beach. The season just ended last week, and it was pretty fun to watch, mostly. I actually started reading a blog written by one of the chicks in the show, something I rarely do. I've read 18 months' worth of posts in one really boring evening, and the only one that I truly found interesting was about how this one time some creepy dude followed her on the street late at night (and I do admit that that's a scenario I'm sort of biased towards, *wink wink*). Most of it was about how she can't find the right guy, and how she's 36 years old and wants to have a child, and how miserable it all makes her, despite being good looking and sociable and semi famous. And that's supposed to be like one of the most successful blogs in Israel. Why would people do that? I mean, I get why some people would want to write about how much they think their lives stink, but the real question is, why would anyone want to read about it? Why would anyone want to read about sad things? Why would anyone want to read sad books? Why would anyone want to watch sad movies? Why would anyone want to listen to sad music? Are people so happy with their lives, so content, that they feel a need to tone down their joy? Wouldn't a sad piece of media make you even more sad than you already are? Make you feel worse? Do people want to feel worse on purpose? And why is it that "real art" is always supposed to be all serious and depressing? I know artists are supposed to suffer for their art, but do they have to make the art consumer suffer as well? Why is it that any piece of entertainment that deals with anything other than someone's depressing little life is considered as garbage by some people? And why is it that some people consider any piece of music produced by artists that more than three people are aware of as pure fluff fit only for daytime radio? And yes, Fräulein [removed], that means you!

Ugh. I guess what I'm trying to say is, I saw a cute little chickiepoo today and it made me feel funny in my pants. Hooray!

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