Thursday, September 10, 2009


Today I watched the Doctor Who Easter special from earlier this year, Planet of the Dead, and it was pretty fun. I like the new Doctor Who. It's colorful, fast paced and usually pretty interesting. A little too family friendly for my taste, but definitely enjoyable. I like the practical creature effects more than the CGI parts of the show, which tend to be pretty fake looking. It always makes me think how much fun it must be to work on a set where they have soldiers with rhino heads or giant green aliens with baby faces or nurses who are also cats or alien cyborgs that speak in these funny screechy voices. Some people have all the luck. And the Doctor is such a fun character! Christopher Eccleston was an excellent Doctor, and David Tennant is very cool too. The Doctor's companions, however, are an entirely different matter. The first one was played by Billie Piper, and she wasn't too bad. Not a great actress by any means, but pretty enough so that you don't really care about her acting skills. I've liked her since she was like 15 years old (she used to be a "singer"), which isn't all that creepy since I'm only two years older than her. She gave us a solid two year run, working with both Doctors, and we thank her for that.

Billie Piper pretending she's in outer space or something

Then came season 3, and a new companion, who was just sort of ok. But nothing could prepare us for the horror that was the fourth season. I mean, the show itself was still fine, but the new companion to the Doctor just happened to be played by one of the most awful, unattractive and annoying actresses alive today, the horribly unfunny British comedian Catherine Tate. Who was the retard who chose her for the role, and how high did he have to be to make such a ludicrous decision?! (my apologies to the drug using mentally challenged community) I mean, she's older than David Tennant!!! You need to have lots and lots of sexual tension between the Doctor and the chick standing next to him, otherwise she's just a useless piece of meat, which Catherine Tate sure is. She alone has made the whole season damn near unwatchable, and there is no way in hell that I would ever risk a repeat viewing.

Michelle Ryan, not wearing any underwear
How was Planet of the Dead then? It was fine. Basically more of the same, which in this case isn't too bad at all. The real treat, of course, was the addition of the ridiculously attractive Michelle Ryan as some jewel thief or something. Sadly, she was completely clothed the entire time, but still, pretty awesome stuff. I mean, Christ. Just look at her. She definitely wins this week's "Gawd I'd Like to Bang Her" award.
In other news: there was a power outage in our building earlier today, which caught me completely unprepared. What do people do when there's no electricity? Go out into the sun? Listen to their MP3 players? Start fights with strangers? Loot? I was extremely confused. Finally I came up with a great idea. If I can't use my computer or my TV, I may as well do something equally productive and use the free time to take a nice big dump. So I went to the loo, and sure enough, before I could even finish reading one page in the TV guide, the power came back on, and peace was once again restored to the land of me.
And the moral of the story is: there is not a single problem on this great big planet that can't be solved by going to the bathroom.

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