Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Big colorful things are cool

The flowers for the flower carpet at Rabin square in Tel-Aviv have arrived yesterday afternoon from Belgium, after being held up at the airport in Brussels for 12 hours. It was supposed to be ready yesterday at 19:00, but I was there today at noon and they were just finishing up. Sure is pretty though!

Most of the designs were based on elements from Tel-Aviv's history and ones that were found in the homes of the first residents of the city. Or at least that's what the sign said. Whatever. I just like the purdy colors.

Foreground: a camel!
Background: a giant bottle of vodka!

Tel-Aviv, 1909-2009

The city's symbol

City hall. Isn't it byoootiful??

And guess what I found tied to a fence next to the Rabin memorial!

Funny puppy!!!

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